Why Attend TRAC?



"As in-house counsel for a motorsports marketing agency that represents sponsors, I don’t travel to races. Therefore, I don’t have the benefit of meeting the key players in the sport on the legal side. The only interaction that I had with attorneys in this space was when my company’s clients were negotiating with NASCAR, INDYCAR, Formula One, etc. for their motorsports sponsorship. Through my first few negotiations I quickly realized that relationships with these attorneys were key in speeding up these deals…a benefit I could add to my company and its clients.

When TRAC started, I thought this would be a great way for me to meet the lawyers behind the leagues, teams, tracks and sponsors without frequent travel to races. So, I was sold to attend. I’ve now gone to every TRAC since 2007, and the relationships that I’ve gained through TRAC have been very beneficial to me personally and for my company and its clients. I can now pick up the phone and call NASCAR or INDYCAR attorneys directly and work through any issues expeditiously. Also, through these relationships, I now have a network of attorneys to call for referrals to other people in the sports and entertainment space when the need arises."

Jason Bonikowske,
Vice President and Associate General Counsel, CSM Sport and Entertainment


TRAC has literally changed my career! I attended my first TRAC conference in 2011 as a lawyer at a major law firm with a burning passion for cars, motorcycles and motorsports…but not one motorsports client. The conference introduced me to industry leaders and dipped my intellectual toe into their legal waters. I developed a strong national network and with the assistance of the lawyers in my firms Motorsports Practice Group developed a race team as a client and performed work for racing venues. 

Ultimately, the TRAC bug infected me and I decided to immerse myself fulltime in motorsports by joining The Greatest Team in Racing as Senior Corporate Counsel at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and INDYCAR.  This has been a phenomenal career transition to a dream role that was facilitated in large part due to my attendance and participation at TRAC.  I hope you will join us in Indianapolis in 2017!
Jimmie McMillian
Senior Corporate Counsel, Indianapolis Motor Speedway