Historical TRAC Topics

Summary of Seminar Topics, 2008–2018

Representing Drivers/Teams
Team and Driver Issues (2008)
Team and Driver Panel (2009)
Team and Driver Panel: Managing the Effect of a Changing Business Environment on Employment Agreements, Sponsorship Deals and Driver Contracts (2010)
After the Race: Preparing Your Driver for Opportunities Outside of the Car (2011)
Labor Issues (2012)
Servicing Arrangements (2012)
Preparing the Stars of Tomorrow: Driver Development Issues (2013)
Defending Drivers, Owners and Others (2015)
Talent Contracts: Parties, Conduct and Restrictions (2018)
Start-Up: Forming and Operating a New Race Team (2018)

Representing Promoters/Events
IMS/ISC/SMI Promoter Legal Issues (2008)
IMS/ISC/SMI Panel on Promoter Issues (2009)
From Austin to Baltimore: Creating New Events in Motorsports (2011)
State and Local Government Support of Motorsports (2011)
Major Vendors: Rights, Responsibilities and Goals (2016)
Fan Issues (2015)
Creating the New At-Track Fan Experiences-A Legal Perspective (2016)
We Must Protect this House: Track and General Facilities Issues (2014)
What Else Can You do for Me? A Look at Facility Alternative Uses (2017)
Protect this House. Security in the Modern Age (2017)
Current Issues with Events and Venue Agreements (2018)

Intellectual Property
Acquisitions, Valuation, and Litigation (2010)
Trade Secrets, Data Security and Privacy Concerns (2012)
Who Owns What?: Trademarks/Motorsports IP (2014)
IP Rights – Going Digital (2016)
It's Mine; Not Yours: Protecting Media Rights (2017)
From Ideas to eSports: How Recent Developments in Sports are Changing Intellectual Property Norms (2018)

Risk Management/Litigation
Risk Management (2008)
Risk Management (2009)
Risk Management/Crisis Communications (2010)
Emergency of Injunctive Litigation in Motorsports (2011)
Crisis Management and Dealing with Unexpected Events (2012)
Insurance & Indemnity: The New Normal (2013)
Motorsports Insurance (2014)
Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (2015)
Torts and Releases (2016)
High Risk and High Reward: Fat Times on Track (2018)

League Issues
NASCAR/INDYCAR League Legal Issues (2008)
NASCAR/INDYCAR/Grass Roots Panel on League Issues (2009)
Competition Panel (2010)
Formula 1 (2012)
Formula 1 in Context: Examining the Sport Against Familiar Sporting Models (2013)
Sanctioning Bodies – What are FIA, ACCUS, FIM, etc. (2016)
Follow the Rules: A Look at Recent Changes, Rules and Regulations in Motorsports (2017)

Sponsors (2008)
Sponsor Panel (2009)
Sponsorship Mock Negotiation Panel (2010)
A New Paradigm in Motorsports Licensing and Sponsorship (2011)
The Price is Right: Motorsports Sponsorship in the New Market (2013)
Cutting through the Noise (2014)
Anticipating Sponsorship Problems: Key Contract Provisions, Payments, Bankruptcy, Etc. (2018)

Media Rights and Licensing Issues (2009)
A New Paradigm in Motorsports Licensing and Sponsorship (2011)

Social Media
Legal Issues Regarding Social Media in Motorsports (2012)
Social Media & Digital Content (2013)

Media Rights and Licensing Issues (2009)
Media/Broadcasting Panel (2010)
Motorsports and Entertainment Panel (2010)
Understanding Guilds: The Nuts and Bolts of SAG/AFTRA (2011)
Motorsports and Film (2012)
Sweepstakes, Contests and Promotions (2013)
Motorsports Goes Hollywood: SAG-AFTRA and Guild Issues (2014)
Welcome to Fantasy Island! Daily Fantasy and Motorsports (2016)
Transition from the Cockpit to the Next Step (2016)

Overview of Recent Developments in Motorsports Law (2008)
Overview of Key Similarities and Differences between Motorsports Legal Issues and the Laws of Other Major Sports (2008)
Overview of Recent Developments in Sports Law with Potential Applicability to Motorsports (2009)
Motorsports Industry Roundtable (2010)
A New Generation of Racing (2011)
Industry Panel (2012)
Grassroots Motorsports (2012)
Motorsports’ Relationship with State & Local Government (2013)
Motorsports Then and Now (2015)
Emerging and Non-Traditional Motorsports (2015)
The Business of Sports (2015)
Breaking in to the Industry/Motorsports 101 (2016)
Building Long Term Value in Motorsports (2016)
Motorsports Year-In-Review (2017)
Preventing a Loss-in-Translation: Drafting What was Already Negotiated (2017)
Up in the Sky: A Look at Aviation and Drone Laws (2017)
Are you Engaging in Illegal Gambling? The Current Status of Daily Fantasy Sports, Sweepstakes and Raffles (2017)
Where Have we Been Since TRAC 2008? A Look at Legal Issues over the Past 10 Years (2017)
Breaking into the Industry/Motorsports 101 (2018)

Financial, Tax & Structural Issues
Planning for Industry Changes (2009)
Additional Legal/Financial Issues Encountered by Motorsports Companies and Individuals (2009)
Acquisitions, Valuation, and Litigation (2010)
The Paradox of Competition and Cooperation in Motorsports: Exploring Financial Distress and Solutions in Business Transactions (2011)
Motorsports Accounting, Tax and Incentive Issues (2012)
Race Around America: Teams & Multistate Issues (2013)
Motorsports Accounting, Tax & Finance Issues (2014)
Read the Fine Print: Issues with Tax, Accounting and Highly Regulated Industries (2018)

Technology (2015)
Taking Your Racing Technology to Market (2016)

Non-Profits and Foundations (2011)

International Panel (2010)
Immigration (2014)

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Panel: Light and Life at the End of the Tunnel (2010)
Ethics: Multijurisdictional Practice (2011)
Ethics & Social Media (2013)
Diversity in Motorsports (2015)
Staying on the Correct Path: Various Ethical Issues Facing In-House and Outside Counsel (2017)
Ethics (2018)

Defining Compensation (2014)

Full-Service Marketing (2014)